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Back-Up Child Care ... When Staying Home is Not an Option

Staffing Solutions @ Mothers' Aides understands work-life realities. That's our business. We've provided quality childcare in the Washington metro area since 1979 to more than 50,000 families.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates U.S. employers lose $3 billion a year in childcare related absences due to:

  • illnesses
  • gaps in normal daycare
  • snow days
  • school holidays
  • family emergencies

Our back-up childcare services help employees maintain critical commitments:

  • court appearances & depositions
  • key client meetings
  • new business presentations
  • must-make deadlines
  • travel
  • weekend meetings
  • normal business routines

Who finds backup care valuable?

  • Lawyers who must handle time-sensitive client needs as well as appear in court on specific dates.
  • Corporate executives who have critical business that requires them to be present.
  • Sales and marketing representatives who work on commission.
  • Everyone who wants and needs to be working to maintain their workloads and productivity.


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Backup Care as a Corporate Benefit

We know back-up care helps our bottom line by lowering turnover rates, attracting and retaining the best and brightest employees, reducing absences, and increasing productivity. It prevents absenteeism, employees can focus on work knowing their children are in a safe, enriching environment, and they’re less stressed knowing they can tap into this benefit when their care falls through. Employees are more committed knowing that their employer cares about and provides for a work life balance.

Gabrielle Barry
Fannie Mae
Washington, D.C.


Backup care offers these benefits:

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces absenteeism, tardiness and stress
  • Increases morale
  • Increases job satisfaction & retains committed employees
  • Provides ability to work critical projects
  • Demonstrates a family-friendly policy
  • Enhances company reputation
  • Increases profitability


• Research among companies that have invested in back-up care consistently shows significant gains in productivity and morale.

• A "best practices" study by the Women in Cable & Telecommunications Foundation reported that employers with work-life programs have higher retention, lower turnover and attract a more diverse workforce. Employees conflicted between work and family demands are three times more likely to consider quitting.

• National Public Radio reported for every $1 invested in backup care, a company will save $5 in lost time from absenteeism due to childcare breakdowns.


Back-up care benefits everyone because colleagues don’t have to rearrange their schedules, take on a last-minute assignment that increases their burden in an already busy day or scramble to save the outcome of a high stakes project. Additionally, it’s also available for back-up care for an elderly relative, which may be of interest to employees without younger children.


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About Our Backup Services


We offer:

  • Our excellent reputation: Since 1979, we’ve placed caregivers with over 50,000 families in the Washington Metro area.
  • A 10-step background check

Our priority is ensuring our clients’ peace of mind.
Our comprehensive candidate screening & safety check includes:

1. Personal interview
2. Reference Check
3. 3-hour Health & Safety Orientation
4. Fingerprinting & Photograph
5. Criminal History
6. Driving History
7. Credit Check
8. Social Security Verification
9. TB Screening
10. CPR Certification

  • Convenience: We make house calls! As soon as an employee calls us, we go to work immediately to secure a caregiver. This also offers children the familiarity of their homes, the most comfortable place to be when not feeling well.
  • Our commitment to caregiving: We hire professional caregivers who take their responsibilities seriously. All our caregivers meet our exceptionally high standards of qualifications and are selected for their experience in childcare, character and reliability.


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